Elegant High Neck Rib Knit Tank Top and Duster Cardigan Matching Set



This leisure three-piece matching knit set represents a design philosophy that seamlessly combines sophistication and comfort. This knitted ensemble is a testament to timeless style and versatility. The ribbed pullover sleeveless knitted top serves as the foundation, offering a sleek and flattering silhouette with its form-fitting design. The open front duster cardigan adds an extra layer of elegance, providing a graceful drape and an effortless sense of chic. Paired with the high rise wide-leg pants, this knitwear set offers a balance of style and comfort that's perfect for both casual and formal occasions. Made with quality materials and designed for longevity, this matching set transcends trends, becoming a staple in your wardrobe for years to come. 

Tank Top One Size
Length / in 20.5
Bust / in 33.1
Length / cm 52.0
Bust / cm 84.0
Cardigan One Size
Length / in 42.1
Bust / in 43.3
Sleeve / in 22.8
Length / cm 107.0
Bust / cm 110.0
Sleeve / cm 58.0
Pants One Size
Length / in 40.6
Hip / in 31.5-41.3
Length / cm 103.0
Hip / cm 80-105


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