Boho Style Rainbow Sweetheart Crochet Knit Lace Up Back Super Crop Halter Top



Ready for some summer fun? This Boho chic cropped knit top is perfect for risk-takers. Designed for the daring fashionistas, it boasts stunning rainbow sweetheart patterns and intricate crochet knit details. The lace-up back adds an extra touch of allure, making sure all eyes are on you. With its sassy and super short handkerchief hemline, this knit top exudes confidence and style. It's the perfect piece to add some vibrant color into your wardrobe and showcase your unique personality. Let your fashion choices reflect your zest for life and live life in technicolor with this fabulous knit halter top. Get ready to turn heads and make a fashion statement wherever you go!

Size Guide S M L
Length / in 11.0 11.4 11.8
Bust / in 24.4 26.0 27.6
Length / cm 28.0 29.0 30.0
Bust / cm 62.0 66.0 70.0

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